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40G 8way power divider

LPD-10/40-8S Power Divider Specifications Frequency Range: 10000~40000MHz Insertion Loss: ≤3.6dB Amplitude Ba  [More]

2-40G 2way power divider

LPD-2/40-2S Power Divider Specifications Frequency R  [More]

10-18G 4way power divider

LPD-10^18-4S Power Divider Specifications Frequency Range: 10000~18000 MHz Insertion Loss: ≤1.0dB VSWR: ≤  [More]

2 way power divider 70-470MHZ,low insertion loss

LPD-70/470-2N PowerDivider Specifications FrequencyRange:70-470MHz InsertionLoss:≤3.6dB Isolation: ≥20dB   [More]

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  • Address:No.89,Huahan Road, chenghua Zone Chengdu Sichuan China
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