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The approval from the ministry of 5 g test frequency nationw

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According to the plan, China will have a 5 g commercial trials in 2019 and 2020, the formal commercial.

Reporter from the ministry confirmed that three carriers have 5 g licensing approval test frequency, this means that a nationwide large-scale 5 g test will be carried out.

It is understood that China telecom to get 3400 MHZ to 3500 MHZ, 3400 MHZ bandwidth of 5 g test frequency resources;China mobile 2515 MHZ to 2675 MHZ, 4800 MHZ to 4900 MHZ band 5 g test frequency resources, of which 2515-2575 MHZ, 2635-2675 MHZ, and 4800-4900 MHZ band for the new frequencies, 2575-2635 MHZ band for China mobiles existing td-scdma LTE (4 g) spectrum;China unicom get 3500 MHZ to 3600 MHZ, 3500 MHZ bandwidth of 5 g test frequency resources.

Experts point out that the distribution of 5 g licensing system test frequency frequency resources in general equilibrium.Priority to continuous around 100 MHZ bandwidth frequency spectrum test in 5 g licensing, is conducive to give full play to the 5 g spectrum in the technical advantages of large capacity and continuous cover.For telecommunications equipment, different frequency use of telecommunications equipment in radio frequency (rf), has a different channel.Every change frequency, development cycle need eight to ten months.5 g test frequency, can let the telecom operators and equipment vendors to determine product development target, greatly accelerate the industrial chain each link of product development process.Other countries currently 5 g spectrum allocation is mainly to provide a pair of spectrum.High frequency transmission radius is short, high transmission efficiency in crowded areas;Low and medium frequency band transmission radius long, the better.This issue is the frequency of low frequency band, high frequency spectrum distribution is in for advice.

At present, China mobile is five cities to promote 5 g pilot, and participate in the development and reform commission (NDRC) planning of 12 cities 5 g to demonstrate the application.China telecom will 5 g innovation demonstration from the early five pilot cities and expand to 17 cities in China, China unicom has to pilot scale to 16 cities.Chinese 5 g TuiJinZu launched in September this year the 5 g of the third stage testing is drawing to a close, the third stage test is scale test and commercial beforehand before the final stage.According to the plan, China will have a 5 g commercial trials in 2019 and 2020, the formal commercial.




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